2016 m. birželio 3 d., penktadienis


8th grade graduation

So today I graduated 8th grade. I thought it was going to be fun, I mean it was fun but I don't want to leave this school, my classmates and all that. I've spent 8 years of my life in this school with these people who i love and adore it's sad.. I literally grew up with these people and we had some ups and downs but it was worth it. I will remember these 8 years and I will cherish every moment in those 8 years. After all I'm happy that i got a chance to have these amazing 8 years. 

It's a new chapter for all of us which I'm not ready for. I think all of my classmates have a great future ahead of them and I hope they do well in whatever they do. They're all wonderful people and yeah we had fights but that's just life. I will miss some of them so so much and when I think about it It just breaks my heart.
New chapter, new school, new friends. It all seems so scary to me because I am ( :( was) so comfortable in this school with people who know me the best. The thought of me leaving is just.. no. I'm glad I had this opportunity to be myself for 8 years, but it all ends.. Sadly.

Dear classmates if you're reading this thank you! I hope we will meet someday, love you.

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